C.E.O. Sony Records
Ameripark Exclusive had the pleasure to serve C.E.O. of Sony Records, Clive Davis for a two day event during memorial day weekend
Franklin Lakes
Ameripark Exclusive provided valet services for a private home in Franklin Lakes NJ. Total number of guests was 300 of which was handled by six professional valet attendants. 130 vechicles were parked on both the residence and on street parking
Ferrari of Central NJ
One of the most exclusive events Ameripark Exclusive has provided valet services for, four valet attendants handled the vehicles of 150 guests that arrived in some of the most rare and exotic vehicles in today's market.
Ameripark Exclusive has partnered with South Orange Performing Arts Center to better help control the parking operation for large events. The annual Gala consists of 800+ guests of which our team of 10-15 attendants handles by using  both on and off premises parking.

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