• Fast and Hassle-free Service
  • Competitive Rates
  • SMS- Ticketless Valet
  • Comprehensive Insurance
  • Personalized
  • Reliable Parking Plans

  • Fast and Hassle-free Service
  • Competitive Rates
  • SMS- Ticketless Valet
  • Comprehensive Insurance
  • Personalized
  • Reliable Parking Plans




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A Short Story About
Our Company

Ameripark Exclusive Valet was founded by Kris Trposki, who had a vision to set a new standard for valet parking. We are an elite team that works together to create a valet parking experience that goes beyond just parking cars. We want our clients to meet our team and build a relationship that would be mutually beneficial.

Fully Insured

Our insurance coverage includes:

  • $1 Million/$2 MIllion General Liability
  • $500,000 Garage Legal Liability
  • $100 Worker Compensation

Unfortunately even with proper precautions, accidents do happen. We provide an extensive insurance plan to assure that our staff and clients are secure.

Why Us?

Choosing a valet parking provider can be a very frustrating process that is why Ameripark Exclusive Valet provides FREE TRIAL PERIODS to ensure our clients that they are getting the highest level of service. Our employee training process is vigorous and only a select few are chosen for our team. Our clean-cut and well dressed employees will leave a remarkable first impression and will continuously provide the highest level of hospitality.

Why Wait?

Ameripark Exclusive Valet runs on SMS Valet®, which allows guests to request their cars before they even step outside. SMS Valet® is so simple for guests to use, it will change the way they valet. Upon arrival, a valet asks the guest for a mobile number. Then the SMS Valet® app assigns that number to a re­usable plastic key tag and sends a Welcome Text to the guest with a link for requesting their vehicle. The only thing a guest has to do when ready for their car is click the link. Learn More Here.

Our Mission
  • Provide a safe and efficient valet parking solution.
  • Make valet parking more appealing and welcoming to our customers.
  • Greet and fully inform our guests, while ensuring all of their questions are answered.
  • Turn first time customers into repeat customers by guaranteeing a memorable experience.
  • Maintain a positive work environment that will handle pressure well and in a timely manner.


Keep In Touch

Contact us today to discuss your parking needs! Don’t forget to ask about our Free Trials!

Ameripark Exclusive Valet

388 Madeline Ave Garfield, NJ 07026

Tel: (973)-432-3598

Ameripark Exclusive Valet is proud to partner
with SMS Valet ® to prevent wait times.

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